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KBQuest Microapps Solution Is Available on the Microsoft Partner Portal

December 22, 2016

KBQuest Enterprise Voting App , a showcase of one of our Microapps, is now available on the Microsoft Partner Portal. This is a centralized mobile app that effectively and efficiently improves staff communication by quickly understanding and responding to their ideas so to make your right decisions.

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No matter you are organizing company activities or making order of company utility, you cannot avoid asking other staff for approval, suggestion or ideas as long as you need to work as a Team. More and more people are continuously in awareness of some challenges when it comes to collecting Team’s ideas so to make your right decisions.

  1. Too much manual, paper and admin work
  2. Not mobile friendly so that not-in-office staff response slowly
  3. Time-consuming
  4. Confidential information is disclosed easily
  5. No email notification as reminder
  6. No statistics report to see the voting results in one glance


KBQuest Enterprise Voting App provides your company-wide mobile app that significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency of staff communication. Communication is seamless when your staff can easily and happily vote for any activity their company is running, share their ideas regarding a policy/ project to be announced and more. With KBQuest Enterprise Voting App, the staff feel true involvement and satisfaction towards company affairs and the company’s right decisions which build your real Team.

  1. Work everywhere
  2. iOS and Android friendly
  3. Apps can be pinned to home page
  4. Publish apps instantly on web and mobile
  5. Build apps, forms, and workflows with no code
  6. Connect to existing system and data sources

KBQuest Microapps

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