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KBQuest is Awarded as Nexusguard Top Performance Partner in Cyber Security

March 27, 2017

HONG KONG, March 27, 2017 — KBQuest, a leading Microsoft partner and digital transformation consulting provider, today announced it has been awarded as Top Performance Partner by Nexusguard, a global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation, to enhance global defense and protection for their valued customers.

Through the partnership, KBQuest is now offering great Anti- DDoS benefits and multi-layered protection to enterprises pursuing robust availability, scalability and reliability across the IT environment. KBQuest aims at helping organizations eliminate attacks and threats at the very source, long before the attacks can harm their customers. This have not only prevented business’ critical application against hacking activities and downtime, but also ensured real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting for business team to quickly take adaptive actions.

DDoS attacks continue to grow in both size and sophistication. The partnership between KBQuest and Nexusguard will help the industries reduce the risks and minimize the loss significantly with the world-class security solution. Clients who need fast WAF deployment, enhanced security, and dedicated research will also benefit from this cyber security strategic network formed by Nexusguard mitigation teams and KBQuest.

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