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Content Management System


Are you tired of clumsy and complex web page editing? Satisfy the Internet information demands of your potential customers. Enable them to make purchase decisions more quickly. No matter you are a service provider or end-user, try our advanced content management system, and let your customers experience in finding information about your products or services on the web be consistent, relevant and simple.

Had difficulty managing and presenting your website information effectively?

Is it hard for you to integrate content management systems with web presentation?

Consider our solution: KBQuest Content Management System 

A low cost but versatile Website Content Management System that empowers end users and service providers to maintain the Web content and to facilitate applications so that their customers may find, compare and select product solutions that satisfy their needs.

With KBQuest Content Management System, you can now economically simplify the tasks of content management and web presentation. For example, with this product, content publishers may easily:

  • centralize the management of constantly changing website content / catalog data
  • create virtual community for users
  • simple usage, no extensive training required, distribute works to content editors
  • change language of content on-the-fly

Benefits to you, no matter the providers or end users

  • Increased revenue and profitability through effective cross-selling and up-selling
  • Increased customer retention rates through timely and accurate responses to their inquiries
  • Decreased labor costs needed to update catalogs or to change layouts
  • Industrial standards that allow you to expand by collaborating with other software


KBQCMS Administration Panel

KBQCMS Admin Panel allows you, the provider and end users, to modify the content of your website without understanding complicated computer skills. KBQCMS Admin Panel provides you with a powerful GUI to model the content of your Website, creating templates, contents in a convenient way. KBQCMS Admin Panel allows you to define user groups, roles based on the structure of your company. The well defined role and privilege models allows different user to perform different operations without causing conflicts. The new record management module is a useful tool for you to manage your news records, product item and etc. Unlimited product hierarchies and categories may be established too. Imagine all the development time you will save and the flexibility to design your applications without even touching the database management system.

KBQCMS Workspace

This is not general CMS can provide. KBQCMS workspace let you create virtual community for your team. To build up the team communication, to share your information among the team efficiently.

You can share your files, documents, notes or even your favorite web links within the group.

Discussion forum, chat room, FAQ page are also available in the workspace.


  • Page-Template-Content architecture and publish mechanism. Well defined processes let your content ready and go live.
  • Multi-language enabled for your international customers
  • Web pages version control - user can check out a web page to edit so other users cannot work on it concurrently in order to avoid duplicate works and confusions.
  • Role and Privilege security model. Authenticated users work base on their role and privilege, well distributed responsibilities enhance the work process.
  • Virtual community for your team. KBQCMS workspace is a space for your team to communicate and share information.
  • Archive Management can ensure your data integrity and protect you from data loss.
  • Record Management module helps you manage your record(s) easily with categorized structure.
  • No special HTML programming skills are needed to modify website content - advanced RTE (Rich
  • Text Editor) do it all for you. End-users feel like working on word processing application more than programming.
  • No database management skills are needed to generate the database. You maintain your information inventory and web content easily without needing your own database managers through our central administrator.


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