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Microsoft SharePoint Solution

KBQuest provides the Microsoft SharePoint Solution development services to connect your business processes and your MS Office applications with the SharePoint collaborative environment.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2013 is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can improve organizational effectiveness by the following features:
  •     Collaboration
  •     Portals
  •     Enterprise Search
  •     Enterprise Content Management
  •     Business Process and Forms
  •     Business Intelligence

SharePoint Server 2013 helps your organization get more done by providing a platform for sharing information and working together in teams, communities and people-driven processes.

SharePoint Server 2013 offers you a highly configurable Portals administration panel to build up consolidated access to common business tasks for existing business application. A quick and easy access to critical information can be guaranteed.

Enterprise Search
SharePoint Server 2013 increases productivity and reduce information overload by providing the ability to find relevant content in a wide range of repositories and formats.

Enterprise Content Management
SharePoint Server 2013 provides a content management infrastructure in order to overcome challenges in organizing a huge volume of unstructured contents. This offer valuable assets for a better knowledge
sharing, improved customer communications and increased process efficiency.

Business Process and Forms
SharePoint Server 2013 provides built-in workflow templates to automate approval, review, and archiving processes. By using InfoPath Forms Services, electronic forms can be built easily to collect and validate information that drives your business processes.

Business Intelligence
SharePoint Server 2013 makes it easy to create live, interactive business intelligence (BI) portals that assemble and display critical information for rapid decision making.With the power of SharePoint Server 2013, we can offer the most suitable solution to optimize your existing business processes and improve the competitive edge.
For more information about Microsoft SharePoint 2013, please visit http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepointserver/.


KBQuest can help you to mobilize your SharePoint platform with KONY. Please see the SharePoint x KONY integration demo below. For more information about KONY, please click here.

 Please feel free to contact us @info@kbquest.com for further information about SharePoint x KONY integration

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